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Loropetalums are a favorite of ours so they were among the first shrubs to be planted into our newly established garden. They were all looking healthy and lush until about 3 weeks ago when two out of the four began showing signs of stress: losing their leaves and colour. The sick ones are in different locations (front and back gardens) 'Plum Gorgeous' and the remaining two 'Burgandy' continue to thrive but I am nervous. I'd feel better if I had a clue to the cause. I am not a novice gardener.
Would you advise lifting them for a root inspection? They've been in the ground (clay based, humus enriched) since May. Thank you in anticipation, DMcG

I understand that there is a "white" loropetalum. Do you know is this is so and where I might be able to locate in NSW nurseries ?

Can you please tell me where I can buy a Plum gorgeous Loropetalum in WA?
Thank you Selma Clay

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