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I live in Taree, NSW and I am interested in Dwarf Fruit Trees especially to grow in pots. Can you tell me where I could them in this area of the Mid North Coast.

Thank you.

would the above prunibg method be true fot mackay in nth qld? i would have thought in winter only as it is not as cold and with a summer prune that seasons crop woulkd be lost.



My sister and I have grown a fig tree from a piece that was in my motherinlaws garden and while hers is doing really well, even has figs on it, mine is still growing but slowly, I live in Wangaratta and she lives in Toongabbie, I was wondering if it is in the wrong position and could I feed it something to encourage it.

Hi I live in Brisbane what would be the best fig tree to grow that bears fruit early so that we dont have to spray for fruit fly. thnx.

I would like to grow a fig tree in a pot on my decking. I would like it to be about 6-8 feet tall. Is it possible to grow a fig tree to this size in a pot - and which variety would be the best to grow. I love figs and it would look stunning on my decking. Looking forward to your reply.

My fig tree is just starting to sprout and the branches have an infestation of small shell-like scaley creatures - they were there last year - but i knocked them off - there are more this year. What are they? and can i spray them with anything that will not harm the plants growth? They actually look like tiny little reddish shells.

I’ve got 2 containers: one is 46 cm. high. I have in it 2 fig trees, 2m 30 cm. the bigger.
Another one, 52 cm. high, has 1 fig tree, de 2m 25 cm.
How much should I PRUNE their BRANCHES, please?
Howw tall should I keep them, measuring from the bottom of the pots?
In case I transplant one of them to another pot 60 cms. high, couli it be higher?
It’s the first time I’m going to prune them. I’m going to prune their roots as well. I know already how to do it.
Thank you very much in advance.

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