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Wouldn't it be great if this was so!

Let's keep our fingers crossed, cancer is a blight on humanity and we should all work to cure it as it effects all out families.

I know how Asbestos Exposure creates cancers up to 40 years later and it is something we need to fight!

"immoral, illegal, and unscientific" to seek to be administered the drug before approval, likely to take up to seven years, by the Therapeutic Goods Administration."

What a shameful statement.
??? Immoral under What Values ???
Illegal Is publishing something is not available ??? Yes that illegal under humane standards.
Unscientific ??? Shut Up make some research and stop fulling people ...
Is it there any one with real human brain to think before splashing false promises ?????
Or you have it or keep it to you self... untill you have it...

This is a fantastic find to heal our animals and us all of cancer

Illegal, Immoral and Unscientific. hmmmm....

If someone is dying anyway, why would they care about it being illegal, immoral or unscientific? They are willing to try anything, especially something that has been so profoundly effective in other animals.

what a wonderful thing if this comes to fruition. our rainforests are pure and goodness knows what our great scientists coud find for us. lets keep the find here in our land and do something to create everything we need here.zzzz

i think it is immoral that a cancer patient cannot access this treatment when they already have a death sentence any way.(such as a member of my family)how do you think we feel watching a family member die when you know that there is most likely a cure out there that we are not allowed to use in case it may harm them what a joke!!!!

Why not human clinical trials NOW??????
There are those such as myself who have very little to hope for.
Existing treatments offering little more than 'this may work' along with the expense and suffering for months of operations, radioactivity and chemo hell or an injection of EBC-46 where you know if its working within 24 hours. It doesn't take an Einstein to work out the obvious choice. If at worst, it doesn't work you can then go back to established treatments. BUT, if it does!!!!!! Conventional treatment will render me a sexual eunuch at 54. The blushwood hope will allow me to live normally, even if there were side effects.

Is there anywhere to buy these trees?

What a joke....
What is immoral is telling cancer patients and their families "i potentially hold in my hands the chance for you or your loved one to regain another 20, 30 40, 50, 60 or more cancer free years to their life - but you can't have it for another 7 years or so"
No we have to watch our loved ones fade away, loose their dignity, health & finally life to this monster of a disease.
Haven't people waited & suffered enough!

can you buy the plants

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