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hey is the fruit fuzzy for you on your large leaf jaboticaba? I gotta know, because I'm trying to figure out the species or cultivar of this large leaved variety, several exist, but I have one with slightly fuzzy fruit.

The fruit on my large leaf jaboticaba are smooth and glossy black like a grape. The small leaf jaboticaba fruit are similar but smaller. I believe my trees are from seeds. The yellow jaboticaba has larger leaves and has fruit which are yellow and slightly fuzzy. They probably hybridise readily too between the three.

I am in the USA and wish to purchase either seeds or plants (Brazilian Grape Tree/Jaboticaba Treee/Myrciaria cauliflora). Do you know where I could get some, if yes please share with me?


I live in Texas and I too would like to know where I can purchase either the plant (Brazilian Grape Tree/Jaboticaba Treee/Myrciaria cauliflora)or seeds. Thanks for your help - Sally

I am in Sydney and wish to purchase and bonsai a plant or 2 (Brazilian Grape Tree/Jaboticaba Treee/Myrciaria cauliflora). Where could I get some from? Thankyou Gary

Hi, my Jabotica has been in the ground of 3 years and looks healthy and happy enough but is only about 400mm high and seems stuck there. It is a warm sheltered spot with dappled light.

Mine came from QLD - thanks for the info on the tree.:)

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