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That sounds like a really nice plant.

Can it be grown in Auckland and do you know where I could buy it ?


Paul, you will need to contact a fern specialist as they are the most likely to be growing them. If you give them the right conditions, I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to be grown in NZ.

Thanks for a wonderfully informative site. I wish I had found you years ago. A friend grew a massive tassel fern at the entrance to her home and used old cattle dung for fertilizer. Mine died. I recently purchased two Tassel ferns and want them to thrive (but will leave the dung out,)thanks again

Granny Grey

I recently bought a tassel fern at Robina on the Gold Coast QLD for just under $25.It has 9 short stems and 9 longer stems over 60cms. The long stems have started to (plait) if that is what its called. The tag states that it was propagated in Mackay in 2006. Cheers Angie

Can you recommend a good spray for fern scale as I have a bad infestation on all my ferns. I live in Mackay Qld.

Thanks Tony

I too enjoy my tassel ferns as i have a few.I find rogar to be good for the scale but i have always thought that they are a white mite as they tend to suck the goodness out of the plant.Regular spraying of about 3 to 4 months or when you see them,but always use protective clothing,mask and eyewear as directed by manafactory.I have been colecting and growing them for 15years now, i to have lost some as there is not much info on them,but i love them and i get a lot of pleasure from them

I have a VERY LARGE Staghorn forsale aporpximately 50 years old, and about 7 in diameter, very healthy. $1,000 OBO. I have two others that are between 3 5 in diameter they are located in Durant, Florida (between Plant City and Brandon). Must Sell

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