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Thank you Dennis Ting for your comments and advice..
I live on the New England Ranges of NSW and have 2 Goji Berry plants that are 3 years old and I am yet to see them flower though now I maybe know why as every winter after they have died back I have been cutting them back to being about a 30 cms high yet every year they manage to grow back to their metre plus height each year.
If they don't flower again this year I shall leave them be in winter and not give them such a harsh trim ..

Happy growing everyone

Hi Has anyone had any success in the tropics? I think I have a plant but its not flowering, I will try cutting some leaves off and maybe some ice around the roots.

Goji's can grow in pots! I have three in large 60cm pots. They just need a mix of sandy soil and compost (add more sand if you want, to help improve drainage). I add some peat to the top layer of soil which helps the sandy soil to retain -some- moisture, but not too much. Also ensure that there are holes in the bottom of the pot (I layer small rocks along the bottom of the pot so that soil doesn't leak out the bottom).

They are now just over 2 years old and one of them is absolutely covered in fruit! :)

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